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South West Hertfordshire RAYNET forms part of the National RAYNET organisation, allowing us to work with and draw on the experiences of those around the country while providing a local service to the many events we support.
For event organisers ================
A typical year for us might include half-marathons, fun runs, navigation competitions and Town Carnivals. If you organise events like this, and you need assistance with communications, please contact us as early as possible.
In return for a voluntary donation, we can help you by planning and installing temporary setups to cover areas that basic handheld radios can’t – ideal for long distance courses. We can also assist with marshalling and liasing between you, the organisers, and other organisations providing medical or safety cover.
Please note that for legal and insurance reasons we can’t close roads or offer a first aid service ourselves.
For district/parish Emergency Planning Officers ====================================
Have you considered what would happen if a catastrophic event were to cut off communications with part of the area? RAYNET was formed as part of the response to the East Anglian coastal flooding of 1953, when large parts of that region were without a means to raise the alarm. Times have changed, and communication systems have improved, but many systems now rely on infrastructure like cellphone towers or internet connectivity to work. Infrastructure like this may be one of the first casualties of a major disaster. Well-trained RAYNET members are located throughout the county and operate their own, portable, radio systems that don’t depend on infrastructure, meaning that we can assist as a service of last resort if other providers have failed.
If you’re putting together or updating your emergency plans, please contact us and we’d be delighted to discuss our capabilities further.