A local community organisation was arranging for an event which involved closing 400 yards of High Street in a small Hertfordshire town. When taken to the Local Authority Safety Advisory Group (SAG) the need was identified to show control over a large part of town including road closure points in order to minimise risks to the Public.


RAYNET became involved and was able to provide 12 Operators on a single radio network. This with the deployment of a Radio Repeater in the Church Tower and the sighting of a Control Point in an office overlooking part of the Event area resulted in co-ordinated control covering - Organiser, Safety manager, Section Managers, Road closure points, Police and Ambulance Services . Ensuring a quick response to first aid and security/safety matters.


The RAYNET response contributed to allowing 8000+ people in the narrow streets to enjoy their evening visiting stalls and shops, fun fair and outdoor stage shows.